Man Wearing Skinny Jeans Has Penis Removed


Dublin student and fashion conscious male Brian Farrell took the drastic step of having his penis surgically removed WWN can report.

Farrell (21), an avid wearer of skinny jeans took the unexpected step of having the elective surgery in order to make his day-to-day life more manageable.

“It’s something I’ve thought long and hard about,” shared the arts student, “I’m quite into my fashion and with the skinny jeans being so tight they often cut off blood supply to my crotch and after much consideration I decided it would be easier to have it removed.”

Farrell admitted it would take some getting used to and that several of his friends had remarked that perhaps there were alternative options which had not been fully considered.

A growing number of Irish men are choosing to undergo penis removal surgery due in part to the continued popularity of genital-hugging form-fitting jeans known as ‘skinny jeans’.

Skinny jeans were originally manufactured with eunuchs in mind as less fabric was needed for their particular body type, but the jeans have since gone on to become ever present in day to day fashion.

“The 21st century pace of life is a hard adjustment for some, harder still is the adjustment of one’s penis once placed in these preposterously restrictive trousers,” remarked surgeon Jonathan Stafford. Farrell is Staffford’s 12th such patient in the last 6 months.

Farrell’s mother Mairead spoke to WWN of her son’s decision: “It took some getting used to and it was quite costly but as long as he’s happy”.

The surgery itself took 9 hours with Farrell choosing to donate his member to an organ donation trust.

“I’ll obviously benefit from a better quality of life now,” offered Farrell, “you have to prioritise in life and it will feel good knowing I won’t pass out on the 46a anymore and I won’t have mothers coming up to me telling me I’m scarring their children for life.”