Irish Radio DJ Changes It Up, Plays ‘Blurred Lines’ For The 5,456th Time This Year


Conor Waldron, an unquestionably cool DJ working in a local radio station made the brave and bold step of changing up his usual routine.

Halfway through his two-hour prime time slot the 31-year-old decided to play the little known Robin Thicke ditty ‘Blurred Lines’.

“I’ve got a surprise lined up here listeners,” the DJ is reported as saying right before pressing play on the obscure song.

‘Blurred Lined’, a song which has found very few fans on the Irish airways this year is ‘quite frankly underappreciated’ according to Waldron, a self-confessed ‘music junkie’.

Waldron, it seems, is hellbent on exposing the Irish public to a song they have very little knowledge of at this point. “It’s probably one of the catchiest tunes of the year,” confirmed Waldron, “so I think I might just play again in the next 20 minutes or so. Need to spread the word, ya know?”

Irish DJs have garnered a reputation for under playing hit songs in recent years and Waldron, it seems, has no intention of altering that perception.