Crime Journalist Paul Williams Arrested As Prime Suspect In Botched Gilligan Hit


CRIME REPORTER Paul Williams, who has made a living writing books on Ireland’s most notorious criminals, is now the main suspect for organising the attempt on John Gilligan’s life, Garda sources revealed today.

Gardai believe the attempted murder was orchestrated by Williams in a bid to stir trouble between rival drug gangs in order to create material for his next book.

“Information was passed onto the detectives in Store street Garda station late last night about the identity of the failed Gilligan hitman.” said Det. Insp. Tadgh Morris. “Mr. Williams was arrested at his home this morning at 9am for the suspected murder of John Gilligan last month. A file is being prepared for the DPP. The suspect will be remanded in custody pending trial tomorrow morning.”

Sources also say that the gun used in the botched hit was found to contain traces of Mr. Williams’ DNA and a ballistics report also found that the gun was used in numerous criminal murders across the city over the past decade.

“We are not at a position to say, but the evidence would suggest that Mr. Williams has been orchestrating gangland style hits for quite some time now.” said Morris. “This would explain his in-depth knowledge of the criminal underworld and its workings.”

Paul Williams has made an estimated €5mn in the sale of his crime books over the past 18 years, in what is said to be the most turbulent time in Irish criminal history.

“Maybe it was him that started this whole thing off in the first place.” one shocked colleague told WWN today. “It would make sense now when you think about it; profiting from the proceeds of crime that he in turn created may be just the biggest story to hit this country in recent years.”

WWN will have a two hundred page pullout next Sunday into the inner workings of Ireland’s latest king of crime, Paul ‘The Puppeteer’ Williams.