Buckfast For Sale In Shop Is No Reflection On The Area, Insists Delusional Shop Keeper


WATERFORD CITY shop-owner Kevin Keenan insisted today that just because he stocks buckfast in his store, doesn’t mean the area he trades in is rough or impoverished.

The 53-year-old business man explained to Waterford Whispers News earlier that there is a market for the tonic wine other than ‘scrawny youngfla’s’ from the area.

“Buckfast is a tonic wine and is good for the blood boi!” insisted the Finefare owner, which is situated on Hennessey’s road. “To say it reflects bad on the area is just the type of snobbery expected from those posh fuckers who live in rich places like Dunmore East or Dalkey’.

Mr. Keenan made the comments shortly after selling two bottles of the alcoholic syrup to an eighteen year old male, who was wearing his tracksuit pants tucked into his socks.

Later, when asked if he thought his last Buckfast customer actually realised the tonic benefits of the wine, he replied: “Maybe he does! Who are you to say he doesn’t smart-arse?

“Why are you so interested in my bucky sales anyway?”

The shopkeeper then became slightly irate, ordering this reporter off the premises before threatening to crack a bottle over my ‘thick head’.

Meanwhile, four similarly dressed teens, who were hanging around outside the shop at the time, said they regularly purchased Buckfast on Sunday mornings, ‘when there is nothing left to drink’.

“I’m always coming in here off me face,” said one of the teens, who was smoking butt off his friends fag. “Yer man knows too well what we’d be up ta. I’d say he’s making a fortune off the stuff.