Teenagers Everywhere Excited About ‘New Ian Brown band’


TEENAGERS everywhere were said to be very excited today after hearing news that legendary rock star Ian Brown is to launch a ‘brand new’ indy rock band called ‘The Stone Roses‘.

Thousands of young fans continued to swarm social networks this evening with the good news. Some saying  this was ‘probably his best idea yet’.

“Oh my God I just love his stuff. Teisto’s mix of F.E.A.R. is probably one of my favourite Ian Brown songs.” said one very knowledgeable  sixth year student.

The singer announced his decision to start touring with his new band in a special press conference today in London. Since then Facebook and twitter have become alive with tweets and posts relating to stuff about the band.

It is believed that Brown will practise with the group of three men over the next few months and show them the ropes.

“What a great name he picked for the band. The Stone Roses! It has a strange kind of ring to it.” said a long time fan of the singer.

The fourteen year old also added: “I’ve been listening to his stuff since I was 12 and a half. He is some a ledge bag. I downloaded all three of his albums.”

Brown’s new band members were named as John Squire, Gary Mounfield and Alan Wren. The three unknowns were said to be in high spirits after the  press conference and told the media that they were looking forward to working with such a fantastic and talented musician.

Teenager Thomas Ryan (19), who seen Ian Brown in Electric Picnic once, said: ‘Its amazing how quickly they filmed and uploaded all those music videos on you-tube. They must have been planning this for ages.”