New Season Of ‘Deadliest Catch’ Kicks Off In Copper Face Jacks


COPPER FACE JACKS will open its doors to hoards of young men and women this Friday for the start of this seasons ‘Deadliest Catch’ themed week-ends.

The new-look upstairs bar is one of a number of developments in the club over the past few months.

There is €1,000 on offer in Saturday nights feature event called ‘Hauling in the pots’, were revellers are asked to participate in a ‘crab count’.

The rules are simple: the individual with the most crabs wins.

“We”re always endeavouring to improve the entertainment factor here at Copper Face Jacks and we felt from our experience that we needed to try something different. We decided to spend a significant amount of money on this upstairs ‘crabs themed room’ in order to meet the high standard we wanted.” said general manager Colm Toomey.

Gents and ladies toilets decorated with large pictures of pubic lice have been added to the upstairs bar and a special ‘crab counting table’ has been fitted into every cubicle.

“All toilets will have a petri-dish dispenser. However, we do ask participants to bring their own combs.”

This seasons crab league reverts to the original format, with points accumulated for lice consistency and personal attendance to the club.

Last year, the series was divided in two with Patrick Mathews taking the male crabs league award and young Trisha Keane from Waterford taking the women’s title.