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Car AND Driver To Be Seized Under New Learner Permit Crackdown ​

FOLLOWING on from a successful campaign to deter learner drivers from driving unaccompanied, Gardaí announced they will also seize the drivers themselves from June 1st this year. So far, seven cars a day have been seized by gardaí from unaccompanied learner drivers since December 21 under the Clancy Amendment, which will now equate to an average of 7 drivers a day from next month…. Read more »

Fianna Fáil So Outraged By Broadband Plan They Will Carry On Supporting Government

THE UNYIELDING condemnation and outrage felt by Fianna Fáil over Fine Gael’s controversial and dubious awarding of the National Broadband Plan contract is said to be so severe, so iridescent that Michael Martin will continue to back the government no matter what. “Grrr, I’m so angry,” Martin faux-raged at a perfectly reasonable volume while giving… Read more »

Denis O’Brien’s Involvement In Broadband Plan Probably Nothing To Worry About

THE general population of Ireland has been advised to simply carry on with its day and not worry about the government part-awarding 5 billion euros of your money for a national broadband contract to a company owned by Fine Gael friend and businessman Denis O’Brien. Mr. O’Brien, who was found by the Moriarty tribunal to have illegally paid former… Read more »