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“Disorder, Disorder”

SCREAMING the word over and over again for what must be three years, House of Commons speaker John Bercow begged British MPs to stop acting like mentally deficient bacteria and band together to form one coherent sentence the people they represent could understand. “Disorder! Disorder!” cried Bercow, now with a broom in his hands, prodding… Read more »

Ronan Mullen To Undergo Twat Conversion Therapy

SENATOR Ronan Mullen is to undergo a controversial new form of ‘conversion therapy’ which claims it can turn even the bellest of bell ends into a compassionate, reasonable human being. “The process is evidence based, which should appeal to the Senator’s love of tangible things that he can see and feel and agree with, ”… Read more »

“There Was No Collusion, We’re Really Just That Stupid” Confirm Americans

THE American people have come forward after the seemingly inconclusive Mueller Report into interference from the Russian government in the 2016 election to stress that they didn’t need Moscow to tell them that Donald Trump was their man, they’re ‘plenty stupid enough on their own’. Based on the a summary by Attorney General Bill Barr, the long-awaited Mueller Report seems… Read more »