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Government Order Fresh Batch Of Whitewash Ahead Of CervicalCheck Report

WHITEWASH with a street value of €400m is currently on its way to Leinster House in a convoy of articulated tanker trucks from a limestone quarry in the midlands, following a quantity report that suggested that the government’s stocks for 2018 were already depleted, with fresh developments in the CervicalCheck scandal just around the corner. It is… Read more »

Eoghan Murphy Calls Vote Of No Confidence In Mooching Homeless Bastards

HAVING nothing but the utmost belief in his abilities, his achievements and his nitrogen-cool posing skills, Minister For Housing Eoghan Murphy has decided to come out and say what he’s been thinking all along, placing the blame for the current homeless crisis squarely on ‘those mooching hand-out freeloaders’. Tabling a motion of no confidence in… Read more »