Farmers Field: Thai Green Chicken Slurry Recipe

WITH the stretch in the evenings officially being upgraded to grand, it is now the perfect time to experiment with your cooking skills in the hopes of finally putting a smile on your family’s sullen and downtrodden faces. Every farmer knows that the second daily dinner is probably the most important meal of the day, so why not park the… Read more »

New Girl No Craic

THE votes are in; the new female hire at a Waterford office has been found to be ‘zero craic’ by her male co-workers, who have found her to be a poor replacement for the girl who just left, who you could at least talk to. The naturally shy Carrie Whelan was brought round and introduced to her… Read more »

May Proposes ‘Dukes Of Hazzard’ Approach To Irish Border

THERESA May will use today’s visit to Northern Ireland as an opportunity to propose a number of as-yet-untested solutions to the thorny border situation, including the construction of some death-defying ramps that would allow cars to cross back and forth between the Republic and the North in the style of 80s good ol’ boys the Dukes of… Read more »

Local Boyfriend Definitely Won’t Cheat Again, Promise

ONE LOCAL WATERFORD boyfriend has vowed he will never cheat again after he was caught being unfaithful, copper fastening his ironclad half-apology by stating ‘I definitely won’t cheat again, promise’ WWN can reveal. Cormac Naffin, still current boyfriend to Ashling Mongan despite everything that has gone on, has confirmed now on at least 53 separate… Read more »