Public Sector Unions Would Also Like A Pony

PAY restorations totalling €1.4 billion are just some of the outlandish demands coming from a union representing civil servants after nearly 10 years of cuts and pay freezes according to the government, with other requests including a pony, 30 more holidays during the year, free Netflix, and Andrex toilet roll in the jacks. The requests… Read more »

Railing Declared Perfect Place To Hang Bag Of Dog Shite

A NEW report has shed fresh light on the proper etiquette to follow when disposing of freshly scooped dog poop, clarifying that putting it in a little plastic bag and then hanging it off the nearest available railing is perfectly acceptable. Although poop-scooping has become more and more common among dog-walkers who recognise the need… Read more »

Local Football Fan Always Knew Barcelona Were Shit

A LEARNED STUDENT of the game known as football has broken his second long silence when it comes to criticising the current Barcelona team after their exit from this year’s Champions League. Conor Giffin took to both his local pub and social media shortly after a hugely impressive Juventus performance ushered Barcelona out of European… Read more »

Local Man In College The Last 15 Years

A COUNTY Waterford man has admitted to spending the last 15 years in college in a bid to avoid working, in favour of receiving government grants and a back to education allowance which he has been milking since 2002. James Murphy, 38, who has so far completed five college courses ranging from forestry to art… Read more »