WWN Guide To Doors Part 1: Push


DOORS are an essential part of entering and exiting buildings, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Although intuitive to use, some people struggle to use doors properly, particularly when it comes to knowing which doors you push to open and which ones you pull. To raise awareness of this, the government has… Read more »

Government Planning Massive Celebration For One Year Anniversary Of 1916 Centenary


THE GOVERNMENT has announced an itinerary for this year’s one year anniversary of last year’s 1916 centenary celebrations, and are aiming to commemorate the heroes who managed to make last year one of the most profitable in Ireland’s history. The 1916 centenary commemorations took up the vast majority of 2016, and provided people from all… Read more »

Local Man To Wear The Bollocks Out Of New Hoodie


A COUNTY Waterford man is expected to wear the absolute bollocks out of a new hoodie he bought, due to its snug fit and crisp sheen. Thomas Holden, from Johns Park, purchased the Nike garment for €69:99 in a local sports shop, immediately ignoring previous hoodies in his press. “I’d say it’ll be another few… Read more »

What Friends To Delete From Facebook


AMAZING NEW TOOL SHOWS YOU WHAT FRIENDS TO DELETE FROM FACEBOOK! Sick of those Facebook friends spreading fake competitions, fake news or right-wing propaganda? Do you cringe every time you see a questionable article with racial undertones from a certain news source known to be bias and wished the person sharing it would cop on to… Read more »