Disgusting! Pope Francis Still Hasn’t Watched The Wire & Is Failing Abuse Victims

IT’S not often that a piece of information comes across our desk that is so disturbing that we feel so outraged, upset and disgusted to the extent that we simply vomit for hours after reading it. However, today we learned something so heinous that it would turn anyone toward becoming violent almost instantaneously. Everybody’s favourite… Read more »

Sequel To Scottish Independence Referendum May Struggle To Recapture Magic Of Original, Critics Warn

THE MAJORITY OF critics have reacted negatively to the news that Nicola Sturgeon has ordered a sequel to the entertaining Scottish Independence Referendum of September 2014. “The drama, the hope, that plot twist and Christ, that depressing ending, the first referendum had everything. How are they going to match that this second time around?” queried… Read more »

BREAKING: Some Arse On Yer One

THIS just in. There are reports of a young one walking down the street in Dublin city centre at the moment with what is being described as ‘some arse’ on her. Aged between 15 and 20, the as-yet-unnamed young woman has attracted the attention of several much older men in the area, all of whom… Read more »

Is Cultural Neoliberalism Conflagerating The Marxist Diadacture Of Socio-Political Charapatication?

CLARIFICATIONS on the current stance of neo-liberalistic tendencies when dealing with counter-Marxian arguments regarding the socio-political geoframe of quantifiably road-mapped destinations in the landscape of our preferred Saxo-Norman ideals are counter-intuitive to what we as a species should aspire to; despite what you may have heard to the contrary. As most right-minded left-wing hardliners can… Read more »