New IRA Launch Counterfeit Movie Streaming Service

HOT on the heels of Disney’s announcements surrounding their content plan for their Disney+ streaming service, the paramilitary organisation known as the New IRA have revealed that they will be offering bootlegged movies, music and videogames via their own subscription-based service known as ‘RAflix’. With this current iteration of the IRA missing the lucrative early… Read more »

Coffee Just Flavoured Tap Water, Finds Report

DESPITE thousands of claims of unique one-off blends of gourmet, fair-trade ethical coffee, a shocking report carried out by Waterford Institute of Technology found that 99.99% of coffee is only as good as the water it’s made in. “Sorry to burst your bubble here but no matter what the coffee claims to be, at the… Read more »

Low Blood Pressure? Doctors Recommend Reading This

SUFFERERS of hypotension, a condition which cause blood pressure to be abnormally low, have been advised to carefully read a 6,000 word essay written by former Pope Benedict (Joseph Ratzinger) in which he blames the innumerable sexual assault accusations against the Catholic Church on the sexual revolution of the 1960s. According to the World Health… Read more »

Murderer Left Out On Bale By Irish Judge

THE IRISH public was offered a stark reminder of the ever expanding disconnect between Irish judges and appropriate decisions following a judge’s order to remand a serial killer on a bale of hay before his trial begins. “Do you even law, judge?” remarked a barrister representing the State, who was mindful of similar and recent… Read more »