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Ginger Lad Had Sex Again

A BRITISH man with red hair has confirmed on Sunday that he is after having sex again resulting in a second baby with his wife, WWN has learned. Harry Windsor and his wife Meghan officially announced the news online, sparking hope and anticipation among the ginger community across the world. “Fair play to him, he’s… Read more »

Meghan Markle Kisses Old Life Goodbye With Traditional Family Execution

SHUDDERING with every gunshot from the Royal guard’s 19th century muskets, soon-to-be princess Meghan Markle watched on as lead pummeled through the bodies of her once immediate family, gasping at every blood curdling thud. “Please don’t be worried, sweetie, we’re doing this for you,” father Tom smiles, his water-filled eyes winsing as his guard took aim, “best not watch now, go on,… Read more »

Gingers Warned Not To Get Any Big Ideas

THE GLOBAL ginger community has been officially warned today not to get any big ideas after it was announced that American actor Meghan Markle is to wed ginger and royal, Prince Harry, in spring 2018 at Kensington Palace. A joint statement released by the British government and Buckingham Palace urged people with red hair to not get their hopes up… Read more »