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Grandmother Didn’t Think ‘Retirement’ Would Mean ‘Become Full-Time Childminder’

HAVING ‘hung up her boots’ after nearly 50 years of employment, 66-year-old Waterford grandmother Eilish Cannaghvan is looking forward to spending her retirement relaxing, apart from the 8 hours a day she’s going to spend dropping off and collecting her 3 grandkids, as well as feeding them, entertaining them and generally being their full-time childminder…. Read more »

Parents Not Even Slightly Missing Kids One Bit

AN ANTICIPATED wave of sorrow, fear and regret over sending children back to school after almost 7 months at home has failed to manifest this week with the majority of parents instead overcome with relief, relaxation and in some cases, fun. “I thought I’d be devastated not having the kids by my side all day… Read more »

“Ah Jesus Claire, Don’t Be Throwing Terms Like ‘Intersectional Feminism’ At Your Poor Old Dad”

ANOTHER polite conversation turned full blown argument has occurred in the McNamee household with mother and wife Janet again playing peacemaker, WWN understands. Regularly butting heads over the big issues of the day, father John McNamee and daughter Claire McNamee are a constant source of bickering which drains Janet McNamee of all energy and will… Read more »

Local Couple Haven’t Had A Night Out In Ages

SEEKING to correct a trend which has continued unabated for ‘God’s knows how long’, one Waterford couple have declared that they haven’t had a night out in ages, shocking the close knit Waterford county community. Citing current responsibilities, including working, heading to the gym and raising their child, Tramore couple Michael Harney and Tina Longan… Read more »