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“I’m Working For Europe Now So Go Fuck Yourselves”

IN AN emotional apology to the people of Ireland over his attendance at a golfing event in Galway last Wednesday which broke all covid-19 lockdown rules, an embarrassed and sheep eyed Phil Hogan pleaded with the Irish public for forgiveness, WWN can report. “Listen, Big Phil is a big jet-setter now, travelling from country to… Read more »

The New Galway Busker Rules Explained

GALWAY City Council has come under fire this week¬†over new¬†busking¬†bylaws¬†which will see street performers regulated like¬†they’re part of some kind of uniformed society that caters for and listens to all aspects of the local community, WWN has learned. Hellbent on creating free flowing movement throughout the city centre,¬†the Council will now dictate¬†when and how buskers… Read more »

Galway Baby Born With Gills

EVOLUTION has taken another leap forward, with the announcement that a baby born to an Oranmore couple has been found to have a pair of gills, perfect for helping it survive in the almost 100% water atmosphere of the Galway region. Little Petey Henson baffled midwives and doctors following his birth after the discovery of… Read more »