11 Injured At Hen Party During Fight For Karaoke Microphone


VETERANS of karaoke related violence say an incident which occurred in Kilkenny last weekend may have been the most bloody ever witnessed with eleven people requiring medical treatment and at least five arrests.

The hen party of Dublin woman Sophie Quinlivan descended into chaos in the minutes after the party became aware that there was only time for three more songs before the bar was due to close.

“It was the perfect storm, a lot of women who thought they were nailed on as bridesmaid but Aisling got the gig, copious amounts of alcohol consumed and Adele’s Hello queued up as the next song, disaster was inevitable” explained John Hanley, owner of karaoke bar The Hoarse Horse.

“There was enough clumps of loose hair to make a wig for a giraffe’s neck, I’ve never seen anything like it and I ran an underground dog fighting ring in Thailand in my backpacking days,” added Hanley.

CCTV footage show the initial interactions were jovial and good-natured as the hen party, made up of Quinlivan’s family, school friends, college friends, coworkers and that one girl she had to invite because she invited her to her hen too, tentatively and shyly took to the microphone.

The flashpoint occurred when two alpha karaoke veterans began vying for the microphones and argued over who would get to sing Kelly Clarkson’s Since U Been Gone.

“I don’t like to point fingers, but the bridesmaid should have known better than to let Susan, who had only just been dumped, have a run of five break up songs in a row,” confirmed responding garda Sean Malley.