Racist Arsonists Asked To Improve Communication & Consultation


WHILE local authorities, accommodation providers, charities and the Department of Integration strive to improve their communication and consultation efforts with local communities, many see this new undertaking as an opportunity for racist arsonists to do the same.

“Some communities have rightly pointed out our communication has been poor, and we pledge to improve on that front, so, in keeping with that spirit we similarly ask arsonists to find some other way of communicating that isn’t burning a fucking building to the ground,” offered one off-the-record Dept of Integration official.

“I issued a press release a day late and I got it in the ear from local councillors for my ‘poor communication skills’, but pouring petrol all over private premises which could have had people in it at the time is hardly fuckin’ Shakespeare is it?” shared one frustrated women’s shelter charity worker.

Sensible people have confirmed that letting people know months and years in advance that a derelict hotel which has sat empty for 10 years will be used to house asylum seekers will instantly appease and calm people to the point where they’ll no longer want to burn it down.

“OK, we get it, you hate the idea of foreign migrants in your locality but can you find a way to communicate that fact that doesn’t require filling a 10 litre cylinder at a petrol pump?” shared one local politicians who obviously wasn’t planning on getting reelected.