Banning Of ‘Critical Brit Theory’ Gaining Momentum In Some Irish Schools


A GROUP of bothersome Leinster-based West Brit advocates have called for the banning of ‘British-critical’ Irish history, labeling it ‘unpleasant’, and ‘no longer relevant’.

“Sure that was ages ago,” said Bryan Portlin of the Anti-Critical Brit Theory League, stressing the need for the Irish curriculum to be modernised in much the same US Republicans in America are seeking to improve teaching of American history by removing all mentions of racism and assorted shamefulness.

“I think everyone gets the idea at this stage, how long should certain history be taught anyway? We should look to expand children’s learning upon new horizons,” added Portlin, who was saddened to see some teachers poisoning today’s minds with any history of Northern Ireland circa 1921 onwards.

“We can skip the Church stuff as well, no need to… go over that unpleasantness,” added patrons of the nation’s Catholic schools, finding a kindred spirit amongst the Critical Brit Theory abstainers.

With heavy lobbying of the Department of Education underway it is believed modern Irish history could be condensed into one single class which explains how much fun Italia ’90 was.