How The Cost Of Living Is Changing The Dating Scene Today


YOU can cut back on luxuries to keep your food bills to a minimum, you can turn the lights down low to lower your energy costs, but how are singletons maximising their potential for love while minimising their expenditure at the same time?

1) No Starters

For those lucky enough to be able to afford going out for a meal as a first date, an unspoken agreement has been made to order a main course; no starter, no dessert, water from the tap and leave no tip. Both parties are usually 100% okay with this and the practice has replaced ‘going Dutch’ with ‘going Cavan’ on a bill.

2) Free dating apps only

While many people prefer the security and exclusivity of a paid dating app service that filters out messers and time wasters, the ongoing cost of living crisis has meant that this was one of the first things to get cut from a singleton’s monthly budget.

Free-to-use apps are all that are in play at the minute, meaning the amount of frogs you have to kiss to get to a prince has multiplied by a factor of 100. Catfishing has soared, finding yourself on a date with an alt-right headcase is now commonplace, and lacklustre riding is at an all time high.

3) Groping in the bushes is seeing a resurgence

It’s not all doom and gloom though, those that miss the good old days of Irish dating have reported that the cost of living crisis is doing amazing things to the scene. There’s been a resurgence of meeting people in bars while legless, everybody seems to be ‘less picky’, and there’s a general sense of ‘you’ll do rightly’ that has helped Irish couples pair off for generations.

Furthermore, the soaring cost of rent has left many people living at home or sharing a room with others, meaning fresh-air riding is on the up once again. Love finds a way!