Father Worried Son Will Turn Into Woke Beta Soy Cuck Loser


ONE LOCAL father’s world has come to a halt as he was faced with the prospect of his teenage turning into a woke beta soy cuck loser, WWN understands.

Gary Connall has in recent months began to suspect that his son Eoin shares opinions and beliefs that have significantly diverged from his own thinking, causing the father-of-three to contemplate an intervention in a bid to gain back the son he knows and tolerates.

“He just vomits out all the nonsense word salads he’s learned at college and online, which is just typical of the beta woke liberal leftist Antifa brain rot,” Connall said of his son, a student and part-time retail assistant.

“I asked him if he wanted to come to the library with me to shout at some of the staff about how everyone’s a paedophile and he said no. The spark has gone from his eyes, next he’ll be dressing like a cat. That’s how it starts, well, at least according to the Telegram groups I’m in,” added Connall.

The 49-year-old spoke movingly about the worry every parent has that perhaps their child is losing themselves and disappearing into themselves, and further alienating themselves with their anger and failure to confront their insecurities.

“Nothing rouses him, I’ve tried to get him to talk about how his mother and sisters are complete bitches when they’re on the rag but he doesn’t even awkwardly laugh anymore he just makes his excuses and leaves,” said Connall, now getting emotional, “a girl with purple hair knocked in for him the other day, he’s been beta woke cucked to oblivion, he’s as soft as the immigration laws in this country which is another thing he doesn’t like talking about with his old man”.