Collapsing Gulf Stream Dyes Itself Pink In Bid To Gain Public’s Attention


IN A BID to gain the world’s attention the ailing Gulf Stream, predicted by scientists to enter full collapse in the coming years and decade, has cashed in on the public appetite for all things ‘Barbiecore’ in a bid to gain some attention for its plight.

“My collapse will only see temperatures drop in winter, sea levels rise and established monsoon patterns change potentially killing and displacing millions in the process so I can see why it’s a bit boring,” confirmed the stream, now teaming with bright pink.

The stream admitted it was arrogant to presume it deserved to occupy a similar place in the mind of the general public that chart topping box office busting Barbie currently does.

“I’m not as charismatic as Ryan Gosling but maybe at a push I am marginally more important when it comes to my role in preventing catastrophic climate impacts, I can’t thank people Kenough for paying attention,” added the warm stream, hailing from the Gulf of Mexico.

“A new analysis estimates a timescale for my collapse of between 2025 and 2095, but there’s some disagreement about the study’s findings but hey, I’ll be happy if this debate gets a fraction the Barbie v Oppenheimer discourse,” added the Gulf throwing a few flamingos in the mix for maximum aesthetically pleasing brand crossover and synergy.

Marketing experts suggested the Gulf Stream’s attempts at garnering attention by aligning itself with Barbie was ill-judged as it was better suited to tying itself to a movie about a destructive bomb which killed hundreds of thousands of people.

“We know the damage a collapsing Gulf can do would make an atom bomb look like a stubbed toe but it’s the better fit, brand wise,” confirmed experts.