Monk Sends Debt Collectors To Retrieve Legal Fees From The Justice Department


STAFF at the Department of Justice were allegedly doorstepped yesterday afternoon at their offices by several ‘well-built and stern looking men’ who began demanding over €400k in cash from the State ‘for legal fees’, WWN has learned.

Arriving in blacked-out SUVs, the rough and ready looking men began knocking on doors and windows of the Department of Justice at 5pm, shouting ‘I know yis are in there, we just want to fix up a debt yis owe us and we’ll be on our way’.

“We all ducked down under our desks as they were very forceful in their demeanour,” one member of staff recalled the terrifying incident, “they said their client was owed nearly half a million euros and said they’ll start taking items of similar value to reimburse the costs owed”.

It is understood that Gerard ‘The Monk’ Hutch was the client in question and is now believed to be actively pursuing the State for payment of his legal fees pertaining to a recently failed Special Criminal Court case in which he was tried for the murder of gangland figure David Byrne.

“Normally you have to go through the courts to get such fees reimbursed, but it seems Mr Hutch is attempting to reclaim it the good old-fashioned way and sent inner-city debt collectors in to act like Revenue would if your business was 5-minutes late with VAT returns”.

The debt collectors eventually made their way into the offices and proceeded to take equipment, electronics, and several high-end vehicles from the Department’s car park before warning that they’ll be ‘back again tomorrow for the rest’.