Majority Of Irish Towns Just Vape Shop & CEX


A GEOLOGICAL survey of Ireland’s towns has revealed a shocking discovery many Irish people seemed unaware of and could change the nature of how we view our towns forever.

“Wall to wall vape shops and the odd CEX, like some of these towns don’t even have people anymore” lead researcher Cormac Hanson told WWN.

“As part of the research I asked one auld lad in Tralee for directions and I took my eye off him for no more than three seconds and when I looked up he was a CEX branch,” added Hanson.

Once vibrant communities thrived amidst local businesses of various offerings and cultural outlets gave people a reason to frequent and socialise in town however, this is now at risk due to no one wanting to be caught dead coming out of a vape shop.

The geologist admitted that the research should have been published earlier but he was hampered in his efforts by the presence of significant volumes of vape clouds in various towns.

While the Dept of Trade and Enterprise initially pushed back at Hanson’s claims, it was forced to concede the research was irrefutable.

“Oh shit, you’re right,” an official said after discovering 95% of young lads from non-farming stock were currently employed by either CEX or a vape shop with a name like E-Clouds.

UPDATE: Hanson has been forced to update his findings to reflect that some vape shops will also fix a cracked phone screen but only when the tech lad is in, which is usually a Wednesday or a Thursday.