What Barry Keoghan’s Met Gala Outfit Means For This Year’s Communion Suit Trends


WHILE the celebrity and fashion world came together at the Met Gala in New York, closer to home in Ireland the country’s communion suit and dress makers drowned in tears knowing that a fresh wave of outlandish and unrealistic demands were about to come crashing down on them.

“They all want ‘The Keoghan’ now after seeing Barry do his thing on the red carpet, where do these parents think I’m going to find metres and metres of navy and black Burberry fabric roll ends at such short notice,” a frantic June O’Brien, proprietor of Child Brides Communion Emporium told WWN.

It is unusual for the Met Gala to directly influence communion season as it normally falls to the convention-defying show-stopping outfits seen at Irish communion season to influence the Met Gala.

“It’s not the kids, it’s the Mams I blame, they see a bit of the Met Gala on Instagram and they’re straight down to me with the demands. One Mam wants her son in a cat giant suit like Jared Leto and do you think she’d accept a ‘no’?” added O’Brien, who believes the communion cat walks this year will be dominated by Met Gala influenced looks.

A close second in terms of demands by Irish parents behind Keoghan’s look is the ‘Daddy Satan on his day off’ red and black outfit donned by Pedro Pascal which local priests have already issued warnings about. However, some parents have defended following trends.

“If my little Jamie wants to be sprayed with silver body paint and wear a bejeweled mask like Lil Nas X then that’s what he’s getting, I’ll never hear the end of it if I put in a boring blazer and slacks and then all his friends are outshining him Burberry’d t’fuck,” offered one concerned parent.

Elsewhere, a Tipperary farmer on holiday in New York has sparked a resurgence in the bootcut jeans with brown shoes trend after mistakenly finding himself on the red carpet at the Met Gala.