Shane Ross Makes Difficult Call To Katie Taylor To Inform Her They’re Both Being Sued By Mary Lou McDonald’s Husband


“KATIE, sorry to be calling so late but I’ve some bad news we’re are being sued by Mr Mary Lou… well, because of the book. The book we both wrote,” former Minister for Sport Shane Ross said down the phone to boxing legend Katie Taylor, in what must have been one of the most difficult calls of his professional life.

“Now c’mon Katie, what is it they say ‘in sickness and in easy PR photo opportunities’, we’ve achieved so much together you can’t just abandon me when the going gets tough, we’re both fighters after all” added Ross when Taylor confessed to having no idea what the author of ‘Mary Lou McDonald: A Republican Riddle’ was talking about.

Ross went on to say that although Taylor’s name wasn’t on the book cover, she was a 50-50 partner in much the same way that while his name is not on Taylor’s world titles, they are very much his achievements too.

The legal action taken by Martin Lanigan relates to a chapter in Ross’ book about the purchase and renovation of Lanigan and McDonald’s family home in Cabra.

“Obviously I don’t need to tell you what’s in the chapter as we wrote it together Katie. Anyway, I’m just ringing to see if you’re good for your half of the legal fees,” continued Ross, not seeking to take all the credit for the book’s sales and publicity.

Taylor then hung up on Ross as he began discussing who should walk into court first and what his best side for the awaiting cameras is.