Sinn Féin Confirm Tireless Fight For Tenants Doesn’t Include Its Director Of Finance’s Tenants


“WE are a proud Nationalist party, fighting for the working people but at the same time we’re really loose on those things when it comes to our own Director Of Finance,” confirmed Sinn Féin today after The Ditch revealed Sinn Féin’s Des Mackin was the sort of landlord all other bastard landlords aspire to be.

Illegally converting an office into a substandard apartment which has insufficient ventilation, and renting out the home he purchased his council house from the council at a 50% discount despite an agreement stipulating he could not do so, Mackin is exactly the sort of law-flouting money-grabbing landlord Sinn Féin claims it has no time for.

“Hang on now a second, he’s our Director of Finance, it’s not like these are things to do with lacking integrity on matters of finance,” added a Sinn Féin spokesperson, of Mackin who was the director of a company forced into making a €40,000 settlement with Revenue over under-declaring its tax liabilities.

“You’re acting like saying ‘no comment’ and ‘it’s a private matter’ makes us some sort of hypocritical, spineless party devoid of morals.”

Elsewhere, several Sinn Féin supporters were treated for ‘scorched vocal chords’ after repeatedly screaming ‘typical media stitch up’.

“OK, now that is a real disgrace, and typical of an out of touch elitist party putting profit over people,” a Sinn Féin spokesperson said when presented with the exact same scenario but with the party changed to ‘Fine Gael’.

WWN then asked if the party had any comment on the fact they are under SIPO investigation for declaring an election spend of €313,000 in their 2016 accounts but telling SIPO they spent €76,000.

“Anywho, did you hear Mary Lou McHusband is suing that thundering disgrace Shane Ross?” confirmed the party.