Google Criticised For Doodle Depicting Fired Employees


INTERNET giant Google has come under fire for announcing its latest job cuts with a snazzy Google Doodle.

“You’re shitting me, this is how I find out?” said one staff member as a glittery gif explode from his Google home page informing him he was one of 240 Irish staff to be made redundant.

“My main issue with the Doodle isn’t that it exists just that it’s more inaccurate than anything. No one had the balls to tell me I was fired to my face,” explained another Dublin based employee.

Parent company Alphabet had announced 12,000 job cuts worldwide in January with chief executive Sundar Pichai saying it was a sad but necessary move.

“Alphabet is a company with just $131bn in cash reserves, there really was no alternative,” confirmed Pichai, himself worth in the region of $1.5bn.

Meanwhile, Dublin landlords charging €3,000 a month for glorified bedsits just with better interior decor have confirmed the government must step in to ensure the safety of exorbitant rents in the event of an exodus of fired tech workers.

“Leo, dude, pick up the phone. If you don’t do something fast my 6th pension and 3rd holiday home are in serious danger,” cried one investment fund admin in a voicemail to the Taoiseach.

Elsewhere, Bing have reported a rare surge in ‘tech jobs in Dublin’ searches.