Nostalgia Alert: Do You Remember This Stuff?


IT seems like a distant memory, but filthy paper money handled by tens of thousands of grubby hands was once the trading mechanism of choice. WWN now takes a nostalgic look back at this odd exchange system and ask the people on the street the question ‘what the bloody hell were we at at’all at’all?’

“When you had too much cash, you’d have to hide it in a safe place like a mattress or hidden safe at home, thankfully now 99.99% of all our money these days is virtual and safely stored on computer servers – what could possible go wrong? Apart from a global computer virus or solar flare that could wipe the entire system overnight.” – Jim from Trim

“Lad, I remember you had to actually stand in the rain and queue at a cash machine just to get your money out so you could hand it over to a barman in exchange for a pint. Thankfully now it’s all digital and traceable for mortgage underwriters to see and make important life changing decisions for you.” – Mark from Cork.

“I couldn’t imagine knowing how much money you had left by simply counting it in your hand and not being left embarrassed by a card declined receipt. I’d so rather let a complete stranger tell me and everyone else around me that I’m broke.” – Trish from Dublin.

“The only thing bank notes were good for was snorting a bag from the back of the toilets. I used to just throw the notes away when I was done. Hated cash so I did.”  – Jayo from Waterford

“The army used to have to flank security trucks full of cash around the country, risking their lives for minimum wage. Thankfully these days they’re just risking their lives trying to survive on minimum wage.” – Teresa from Galway.

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