Husband Was Right In This Argument, And Boy Isn’t He Loving It


THE O’Connell family of Mullingar, Westmeath have one very simple rule in their house; don’t gloat when you’re right. This rule has been relaxed for the time being, after husband-of-one Derek won his first argument with his wife Erin in over 16 years of marriage.

“Our son Mark wasn’t picked up after school this evening and I got mad at Derek for forgetting. Except when we scrolled through our Whatsapp chat from yesterday after an hour of arguing, it turns out that I said that I would pick Mark up, so that’s on me. I’m not sure it warrants all this though,” said Erin O’Connell, as her husband ran around the house with his t-shirt pulled up over his head like a footballer celebrating a goal.

“In all my years of winning arguments – and I’ve won them all – I’ve never reacted like this. Something tells me that this is going to come up again and again for a few years… ‘oh, is this like the time you said you’d told me to pick up Mark, is it?’. Alright Derek, settle down the neighbours are watching!”.

Mr. O’Connell was unavailable for comment as he was texting everyone he knows to tell them to the good news.

Mark O’Connell has yet to be picked up.