School Moves Overnight To Avoid Enoch Burke


THINGS HAVE gone bad to worse for Enoch Burke as in addition to news he will be fined €700 for each day he attends Wilson’s Hospital School the injunction-ignorer has arrived at the property this morning to find it was moved to a secret location overnight.

Small subtle remnants of the school remains in place such as a discarded pencil here and there, but Burke, planning a day of lingering at the gates was shocked to discover his former employer had finally had enough.

“The process wasn’t easy, it had to be done brick by brick and reassembled here at our new anonymous location, but you’d be surprised at the number of volunteers willing to help kids learn in fucking peace without the nation’s media outside the front door every day,” confirmed the school’s groundskeeper.

The school, formally of Multyfarnham Westmeath, came up with the novel solution to a former employee turning up uninvited every day after a brain storming session.

“We’ve sort of placed ourselves in the At-Our-Wits-End Protection Programme, and here we can just get on with things. It’s great,” admitted staff and pupils at the school.

While the school’s location will not be disclosed it is rumoured it is on a large steep hill which has a crocodile filled moat at its base.