Scorsese’s ‘Derry Girls’ Remake Script Leaked


SPEAKING yesterday in an interview at the Economic Club of Chicago veteran director Martin Scorsese not only admitted admit that he enjoys Lisa McGee’s iconic sitcom Derry Girls but word reaches WWN that he’s actually hard at work on a movie version that is part sequel, part reboot, all Scorsese. We got a peek at a script, and here’s what we found:

– All your favourite characters are back, but with a Scorsese twist. For example, we certainly weren’t expecting to see Uncle Colm have his head put in a vice.

– The action remains in Derry, but features way more IRA. Like, we mean a lot more IRA. In fact there’s pages where the four girls and the wee English fella take a back seat to some fairly harrowing IRA gangster drama that probably won’t make the final edit if we’re honest.

– The amount of cursing in the TV show is to be toned down for the movie version, as it was a bit too foul-mouthed for even Scorsese to justify.

– Rumours swirl that CGI de-aging technology will be used to allow Joe Pesci play school snitch Jenny Joyce, and this is backed up by a page-long monologue where what character asks what everyone finds ‘so fuckin’ funny’.

– A handwritten note from Scorsese himself in the margins of the script states that the soundtrack is ‘perfect’ and doesn’t need to be touched in any way. ‘Just The Cranberries and mid-90s dance cheese is fine,’ he writes marking the first movie in which he fails to use Gimme Shelter.

– Sister Michael whacks in the region of 80 people.

– Everyone seems to eat way more spaghetti than they did on the TV show.

– Granda Joe and Da Gerry continue their love-hate relationship in the movie, although this has been toned down a lot from the absolute massacres that they put each other through during the show.

Scorsese’s Derry Girls remake will hit Netflix later this year, and be nine hours long.