‘East Wall Residents’ Probably Not The Best Term To Call Hermann Kelly & His Gang Of Knuckle Dragging Gobshites, Media Told


EAST Wall residents have today distanced themselves from a handful of knuckle dragging gobshites insisting the media rephrase the term ‘East Wall Residents’, pointing out the fact that Hermann Kelly & Co. do not represent them, WWN reports.

“See that poor knock-off Farage wannabe twat and his IQ-deficient band of puss-brained upstarts? Yeah, well they’re not East Wall spokesmen or women, they’re the bile from the dregs of Irish society that were allowed ooze into being by unchecked misinformation on social media and complacent media outlets who are happy to describe naked racism as ‘legitimate concerns’,” one local man pointed out.

“These martyrs of stupidly, not from East Wall, should not be portrayed as our entire community as the only thing they represent is an attempt by right-wing Christian sects to foster an Irish white supremacy, the kind the media still give weekly columns and radio play to”.

Despite an entire galaxy of other social issues to protest in Ireland, the interlopers in question decided to block Dublin’s Port Tunnel as part of a protest over the housing of asylum seekers at an old ESB building in the area, claiming they were not consulted about the ‘unvetted’ asylum seekers being accommodated in the office building, despite the same individuals being vetted as ‘far right xenophobes’.

“The man said this is bad so I said I’d say it’s bad as well,” one protestor explained his reasoning for joining Hermann Kelly’s brigade, the same Hermann Kelly who claims “[they want to] kill Irish kids and replace them with every nationality who wants to come into our country” and who once wrote an entire book trying to debunk claims made by a woman who said she suffered abuse in a Magdalene asylum.

Meanwhile, none of the East Wall protestors could confirm their attendance at a legitimate protest last Saturday over the current state of housing in Ireland, citing the fact it was too ‘mainstream’.