China Criticised For Strict Lockdowns By Leaders Who Enacted Strict Lockdowns


A CONGLOMERATE of world leaders have condemned China’s strict lockdowns which have sparked protests, with British PM Rishi Sunak stating that keeping people in their homes over Covid rates and penalising anyone breaking lockdown laws was “shocking and unacceptable”.

“This is so 2020,” Western nations jointly pointed out, as Chinese police arrested and detained protesters for protesting, ‘like something from a George Orwell novel’, or the rest of the planet two years ago.

China, a country that really doesn’t like Covid due to the fact the rest of the world held it responsible for it, currently has a strict zero-Covid policy, with local authorities clamping down on even small outbreaks with mass testing, quarantines, and snap lockdowns.

“I suppose we’ve a bit of a complex regarding Covid outbreaks,” an official pointed out, “much like we have a complex when our citizens protest against our government in general or liken our leader to Winnie the Pooh – we just don’t tolerate that kind of thing over here”.

While Western based media coverage highlights the severity of China’s measures to curb Covid numbers, not so much as a government sponsored advert on how to wash your hands properly or sneeze into your elbow has been published this flu season.