“Man United Are A Shambles”: Ronaldo Criticises Club For Signing Ronaldo


IN AN EXPLOSIVE preview of his interview with Piers Morgan, football star Cristiano Ronaldo alleges that Manchester United have been such a rudderless shambles in the post-Ferguson era that they thought it was a good idea to sign Cristiano Ronaldo.

“It surprised me, for sure. He’s is a diva, overpaid for what he brings on the pitch now and he does less running than an upturned turtle,” Ronaldo said of himself.

“It was a betrayal, a betrayal of the club’s fans to sign that guy. Not only had the facilities not changed since 2003 now these idiots were trying to signs players from 2003 as well,” bemoaned Ronaldo.

“He’s getting to be so poor and ineffective on the pitch there’s a risk people start calling him ‘Portuguese Ronaldo’, I wouldn’t want to play for a club that would hire me – there’s not better evidence of being a desperate and poorly run club than that,” added Ronaldo, questioning the competency of the top brass.

In the candid clips released thus far Ronaldo, who is set to break world record for the largest pity party ever held when his interview airs in full, also outlined the disrespect he was shown within the club as senior execs at United refused to pay for a team of interns to lay down in front of him to form a human red carpet nor did they agree to shower him with confetti at all times.