Luke Kelly Coin Vandalised Already


AN inspection of the 3,000 limited-edition Luke Kelly coins released by the Central Bank has revealed that every single one of them has had a pair of sunglasses spray painted onto them by vandals.

The desecration of the commemorative coin echoes the ongoing vandalisation of Kelly’s statue beside Sheriff Street in Dublin City, which frequently gets a pair of sunglasses sprayed onto the eyes by youths who ‘just feel it looks better that way’.

Not wanting to ‘mess with the classics’ the vandalisation of the €15 coins has been carried out with a magic marker and while the damage will be easy to clean up, many fear that a repeat occurrence of the damage may harm the value of their investments.

“Look, I paid 65 quid for a coin with a value of 15 euro, I want to be sure that it holds its value so I can make a killing in the future,” said one disgruntled customer, who has never heard of Luke Kelly but knows a sure thing when he sees one.

“I’m trying to make up for all the money I lost hoarding Millennium 50Ps as a child over here, and I don’t need some little scut with zero originality ruining that for me. What do they think Luke Kelly would say if he was still alive? I can only imagine that he and the rest of Thin Lizzy would be outraged at this”.

Those that missed the chance to secure a Luke Kelly coin have been advised to keep an eye out for the next special Central Bank release, a special 9c coin to celebrate the first appearance of Boyzone on the Late Late Show.