Man Going To Have To Find Another Bar If Staff Insist On Being This Chatty


ONE WATERFORD man has been filled with profound sadness at the hiring of several friendly, chatty and amiable staff by his local bar, WWN can reveal.

Eamon Kinane, a longstanding regular at the Fox’s Hole, had used the bar as a place to retreat to for a quiet pint and next to know social interaction, however this is set to come to an end due to recent staff additions.

“The craft of bartending is gone, it’s a lost art,” explained Kinane, “I’m a moany introvert who’d rather be run over than engage in small talk and your well trained bar staff can spot that stuff a mile off”.

Kinane described being put through ‘hell’ by bar staff Roisin and Jack, who can’t be more than 20, who regularly attempt to prise chat out of the 37-year-old.

“Don’t get me wrong they have it bad too with old fellas wearing the ear of them, but is their nothing scared anymore? Can’t they just drop me down my pint and refine from the unnecessary,” said Kinane, of Jack’s insistence at saying ‘nice creamy one for you there’ and ‘decent weather out’.

Kinane has called on the Bar Staff Union of Ireland to implement essential ‘moany cunt customer’ training that will help new staff navigate the delicate tightrope that is asking a customer if they want to usual and absolutely nothing else.

“I know it’s hard to get the staff these days but what I wouldn’t give for a haggard bar man who treats me like I pissed in his shoe,” lamented Kinane, before going for a test pint at Cassidys across the road.