World Leaders Vow To Cut Ties With Saudi Arabia Once Enough Money Made


A CONGLOMERATE of world leaders has vowed to sever all ties with Saudi Arabia once their respective nation’s interests and lucrative dealings are financially met and of course every last drop of oil and gas is siphoned, WWN can report.

“Don’t forget we’re also making a fortune selling them weapons that will definitely not come back to bite us on the arse,” US President Joe Biden hastily pointed out, hinting at a little more time for American military hardware and aeronautic companies to make some coin, “maybe after our ten year, half a trillion dollar arms deal is done we’ll have a look at it”.

“Their human rights towards women is just awful,” French President Emmanuel Macron chimed in, whose country also calls itself an ally of the murdering Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman who had a journalist chopped up in a Saudi embassy in Turkey, “banning the burka is my proudest achievement and really sends a message home to my good pal MBS, oh, and of course upping our arms sales by 50% to him right after Khashoggi was sliced and diced – look $10 billion is $10 billion at the end of the day”.

“Seriously, we’re making a fortune from this lot, why would we even consider such a stupid thing?” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson then asked, unaware of the subtle tone in the conversation while being totally aware of the £23 billion in arms sales revenue for his country, including Typhoon and Tornado aircraft, Paveway bombs and Brimstone and Stormshadow missiles it now uses to bomb Yemen, “but yeah, terrible about that famine in that country – almost plagiarising us if you ask me – I’m sure we’ll cut links with them in the next ten to twenty years, whenever it suits us to do so”.