Everything We Know About The Lady Gaga Starring ‘Joker’ Sequel


DIRECTOR Todd Phillips took to Instagram to confirm a sequel to the $1bn grossing ‘Joker’ has been greenlit sparking joy among comic book movie fans, with rumours Lady Gaga is in talks to star alongside Joaquin Phoenix.

Here’s everything we know about the much anticipated movie so far:

A petition begging Lady Gaga not to do an accent has reached 5 million signatures.

The sequel is heavily rumoured to be a musical with a provisional title is ‘Joker: Folie Á Deux’, which is French for ‘this is going to piss off so many losers’.

The action will mostly consist of Joaquin Phoenix dancing down the steps of the Eiffel Tower getting progressively more tired, soundtracked by a moody, French language cover version of Pharrell’s ‘Happy’.

The final act will see Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck storm the Capitol building in Washington DC while wearing a horned headdress.

In casting Lady Gaga, the sequel has guaranteed it will make at least $2bn at the box office thanks to one gay man going to see it at least 40,448 times opening week.

Due to the French title the movie has preemptively been described by the New York Times as cultured, erotic and ‘very rude’.

Returning to street scenes of squalid urban decay and societal breakdown, the sequel will shoot in Dublin.

Costume shops have taken the unprecedented step of refusing to stock up on Joker costumes in the wake of the announcement, instead preferring to tell people to pick something less obvious for next Halloween.

Having largely copied Martin Scorsese’s ‘King of Comedy’ for the Joker, Philips confirmed the sequel would rip off and mix Scorsese’s Kundun and The Aviator seeing Arthur Fleck become a reclusive Dalai Lama who spends his days in exile in Tibet pissing in a bunch of jars.

Phillip’s shared an image of the script to fans and the keen eyed among them will have noticed the first 30 pages are spent explaining how Jared Leto is the other Joker but he’s not in this, and no neither is Barry Keoghan, that’s Robert Pattinson’s Joker but Robert Pattinson isn’t involved either.

“By hiring Gaga, we save a bunch on costumes and wardrobe, she can just wear that meat dress” – Phillips said.

While the first movie stood accused of being a dangerous movie encouraging and emboldening the incel movement, people have already leveled a far more serious accusation against the sequel stating it will turn people into fans of contemporary pop music.