What Would Ireland Look Like Without RTÉ? We Investigate


MONEY LOSSES and growing public discord over the salaries of big earners, RTÉ could be a thing of the past if the TV licence model isn’t radically overhauled and funding increased.

But just what would Ireland look like without RTÉ?


Finally free of the mainstream government mouthpiece that refused to objectively report the news, Ireland can enjoy clear, factual and unbiased news from Newstalk, The Irish Independent, Virgin Media, The Irish Times, The Irish Daily Mail among many other outlets.


Irish comedy would crumble and disappear into nothing. Without RTÉ, shows like Father Ted, Derry Girls, Catastrophe, This Way Up, Moone Boy and Young Offenders would never have come into being.

The licence fee money

Now that the money has been wrestled away from the suits in RTÉ, Ireland quickly puts the licence fee to use turning out dozens of Oscar winning movies, and TV show phenomenons the whole world is obsessed with.

Sadly, the majority of Irish people still think these creations are useless muck.

Bring back RTÉ

Large scale protests are held and manned by people who constantly called for RTÉ to be axed entirely. The mob demands to know what shortsighted fools demanded RTÉ be burned to the ground. After realising who was responsible the crowd turns on itself.

Reconstructing RTÉ

Like a phoenix from the publicly funded flames RTÉ is reconstituted and efforts are made to put the once great institution back together.

However, the new RTÉ board, despite its substantial budget cannot match the salaries HBO now pays Joe Duffy, the BBC, ITV & Channel 4 pay Ryan Tubridy, CBS pay Miriam O’Callaghan and Netflix pay Ray D’Arcy. Things will never be the same again.