Woman Carefully Separating Plastics Has No Idea It’ll All Just Be Burned In China In The End


HER FACE awash with an enlivening pride and her mind a rush of do-gooder endorphins, local woman Vicky Clannon can’t help but pat herself on the back for the sterling job she’s done with her recyclable packaging, completely unaware it’s all going to be burned in some pile in China.

Previously not as diligent with her recycling as she should have been Clannon has made a special effort recently and has become a bit of an advocate among her peers for a more conscious approach to the environment but is unaware 50% of EU plastic waste is exported and disposed of in things like incinerators.

“Actually did you know that symbol actually means the company contributes financially to recycling, not that the item itself can go in the green bin. I know, you learn something new every day” Clannon said informing one friend as she spied a plastic tub incorrectly placed in a recycling bin, completely unaware that all her own hard work is getting obliterated in a fiery pile of ash in some unpronounceable Chinese province.

Studiously scrubbing away any remnants of food from a container ear marked for recycling Clannon buzzed with the misplaced satisfaction one gets when they think their good deeds won’t just get completely trampled on by the rampant capitalist drive of the world’s biggest polluters.

“That’s not entirely true some of it ends up floating in oceans in Asia, which will give Ms Clannon some solace, knowing her recycling has great views and somewhere to roam free,” explained one expert on how companies, local authorities and countries love pulling the wool over consumer’s eyes.

“Let’s not spoil it, look at her there now she’s on cloud nine,” added the expert as Clannon happily whistled to herself as she headed to her green bin to top it up.