Man Fighting Overwhelming Urge To Draw Great Big Willy In ‘Message For Future Generations’ Space


ONE LOCAL census filler outer is suppressing all juvenile urges while contemplating his official form, especially when it comes to the ‘time capsule’ section which offers people the chance to write a message to future generations.

“But it’d be hilarious,” reasoned Daniel Pheland in his head as he stared at the blank white space, which was begging for a great big veiny mickey complete with hairy balls to be scrawled on it.

“Imagine it, 100 years from now when the forms are made public, some researcher looking through and then BAM! It’s a bit of mickey mischief,” Pheland said, urging himself on as he failed to suppress his laughter.

“The look on their faces, be priceless, they’d be all serious ‘hmm, I wonder what the Irish people were like’, dead serious and I’d throw a willy cat among the census pigeons,” Pheland furthered, but then getting a bit sad when he realised he’d be long dead by 2122.

Suddenly sobering in his thinking, Pheland now punished himself for such adolescent thoughts and demanded of himself that he cop on.

“And anyway, drawing isn’t your forte Daniel. Now Alan or maybe Dave, you could give them a call and tell them to do it, they were like the Michelangelo and Picasso of dick drawing back in school – they’d definitely go viral 100 years from now on whatever social media network brain chip everyone is using on Mars,” thought Pheland.