Lynx & Prozac Team Up To Release New Antidepressant Deodorant


WITH the ever-increasing diagnosis of young men with anxiety and depression, two of the world’s leading brands have got together to launch the world’s first antidepressant deodorant called, Lynx Happy.

“Many male patients regularly forget to take their daily medication, but most young men never forget to spray lashings of chemicals onto the most absorbent area of their body – the armpits – so we figured let’s get some happiness into the mix, see what happens,” a Lynx spokesperson demonstrated the company’s latest product.

“The consumer simply sprays under their arm from a distance of 30 centimetres every morning, and viola, a load of happy smelling lads walking around everywhere, carefree from worry, and most importantly, damp armpits”.

Lynx Happy will only be available on prescription, for now, but is expected to hit the over-the-counter shelves in 2023.

“I was depressed off my tits for years and I hated necking pills, but since taking this new deodorising antidepressant I’m like a new man,” said beta tester and local man Danny Reid, who admits to overdosing at times.

“Sometimes I forget I’ve already sprayed myself in the morning and feel a bit jittery and wound-up in the evening and can’t sleep for days on end, but at least I’m not moping around the house like a wet hanky,” he added, now naked on the roof of his family home, his teeth audibly grinding as his family tried to coax him down.

The new antidepressant deodorant will also come in celebratory gift packs for occasions like Father’s Day, birthdays and Christmas.

“Say ‘I don’t know how to talk to you about your condition’ with our special gift packs coming soon in ’23,” a smiling Lynx spokesperson concluded.