Noel Grealish To Have Few Pints After This Golfgate Trial If Anyone Is Sticking Around


INDEPENDENT TD Noel Grealish has put a shout out on his WhatsApp to anyone in the Galway area who fancies a bit of a session over the next few days, as he waits out ‘this GolfGate trial BS’.

Grealish, along with former Fianna Fáil senator Donie Cassidy and a pair of Galway hoteliers are currently on trial for failing to meet Covid safety standards at the notorious 2020 Oireachtas golf society dinner, which was attended by a number of high-profile figures who have since excused themselves from prosecution or scrutiny.

With the trial set to roll on for a few days due to Covid restrictions on the number of people who can attend at any given time, the accused has urged the court to ‘just get everyone in at once and say nothing about it’.

“Look, nobody is going to jail over this so let’s just get it over and done with so we can hit the links for a round and then have a few pints” said one of Grealish’s golf pals, who may or may not have attended the ‘Golfgate’ event, they’re not saying.

“Covid restrictions? look, if the lads can have a golf dinner in the middle of the pandemic, they’re well fit to handle whatever witnesses or experts or whatever that can fit into the court. Put a partition in the middle of the room and say it’s two trials not one, that’s how they did it at Golfgate”.

Meanwhile a number of hotel staff have taken the stand with damning evidence against Grealish and co, prompting the TD to wish he’d given them a better tip at the time.