Local Man Couldn’t Let Nollaig Na mBan Go By Without A Few Cans


‘LITTLE CHRISTMAS’, ‘Women’s Christmas’, ‘Nollaig na mBan’- all different names for the 6th of January, and all perfectly valid reasons for Waterford man Declan Carmine to have one last good session of drink before January starts properly.

“I was going to start my diet and stop eating selection boxes for breakfast, but then I remember that it’s still Christmas until after the Feast Of The Epiphany and it’d be a shame to break tradition” said Carmine, who currently does not have a pair of trousers that fits him.

“To not have the last of the crispy wonton party food platters while watching telly and sinking cans would be an insult to the sanctity of Christmas. Maybe the Muslims or the Jewish lads or the Protestants can let the 6th of January go by without a slap of drink, but as a proud Roman Catholic I cannot allow it to happen”.

Carmine went on to state that as the 6th of January falls on a Thursday this year, there’s no real sense in starting his traditional ‘Dry January’ attempt until Monday at the earliest.

“You can’t give up drink on a Friday, from a legal standpoint” explained the 36-year-old while cracking a can and settling back to watch The Dirty Dozen, as is customary on the day where the efforts of women in the home is celebrated.

“Cheers, ladies!” he saluted to nobody, as everyone in the house was back at work or school, as he should be too.