Woman Backs Out Of €350 Online Shopping Spree After Being Hit With €8 Delivery Charge


PUCE RED, one incredulous local woman has dramatically canceled an online shopping at the ‘checkout’ phase after a sneaky bastard of a retail company tried to heap an exorbitant delivery charge of €8 on her spree which totaled €350, WWN has learned.

“The cheek, that’s taking the piss,” shared Jess Rafflin, backing out of the €350 spend on account of the fact she doesn’t like being ripped off.

“I was only on the site for a pair of socks, blacked out and woke up to a new wardrobe in my basket but I just can’t justify it now, that €8 is fierce steep. For delivery from several different depots in different countries? As if it costs that much,” added Rafflin.

Rafflin is one of many consumers sick to the teeth of hidden last minute delivery charges that tip the cost of purchases over into the ‘too expensive’ category, robbing them of essentials like 10 more pairs of trousers that’ll sit in their closet for the year unworn.

“Four and half grand on the new couch, soundsystem and TV, okay, fine, I’ve made peace with that. But these cowboys want paying 30 quid to bring out the thing I’ve bought from them,” shared one incensed man, who has never heard of such a ridiculous attempt to bankrupt a person in his life.

Asked to explain this peculiar behaviour exhibited by some consumers leading behavioural scientists remarked “fucking tell me about pal, everything is a fucking rip off and con job these days”.