Gardaí To Kidnap-Proof Themselves As They Investigate Quinn Gambling Company


OUT of an abundance of caution Gardaí are to act on a recommendation from the public that they ‘kidnap-proof’ themselves ahead of investigating the Quinn family’s QuinnBet gambling firm.

“If you’re squeamish at all about being branded by violent kidnappers, I’d suggest kidnap-proofing alright,” advised someone who has previously read Quinn related news.

Gardaí are said to have carried out searches of the offices of Quinnbet as part of an investigation, however, the Quinn family have said they are confident their company is not the target of the investigation.

“All the same guards, I’d just grease yourselves up so if anyone was to try to kidnap you, you’d wriggle away fairly handy, practice getting out of handcuffs too” added another reader of news.

“And maybe if you’re based near the border, submit for a transfer further south or something. I hope it’s some consolation that if there was a campaign of intimidation leveled at you that it would receive condemnation from Sean Quinn”.

A source close to the Quinn family has confessed to wishing that the family would hit the headlines for a positive reason just once in their scandal ridden lives.

Elsewhere, business experts admitted that if their own surname name was associated with bankruptcy, contempt of court, asset stripping, jail and the Anglo ‘Golden Circle’ they probably wouldn’t use it in naming any future businesses but that’s just them.