Love Island: Armed Police Called As Faye Takes Contestants Hostage


ARMED Police have reportedly surrounded the Love Island villa this morning after outspoken contestant Faye Winter took her fellow contestants’ hostage in what is believed to be a Guantanamo Bay style grilling, Mallorca sources have confirmed.

“It seems she wasn’t happy with the answers she was given after finding out who voted for her and Teddy in the couple compatibility vote,” one police officer told WWN, “Faye somehow managed to tie up all the couples during the night using shoelaces and was seen waterboarding several of them this morning using a tea towel and their own water bottles”.

It is understood Ms Winter has been terrorising those who voted for her and is actively threatening to ‘to take them out one-by-one’ if her demands are not met.

“In one instance, Faye used her lips to smother Jake Cornish who was bound to a chair, only giving him air to explain why he and girlfriend Liberty Poole voted for the pair,” he added, “it was like a scene from Aliens when the face hugger latches on… we’re just hoping she will leave the hostages go before someone succumbs to her mouth flaps”.

Police negotiators are currently working with Winter, who has since set out clear demands.

“She’s wants all the couples removed from the villa and to have her and Teddy instated as the outright winners of the show with the 50 thousand prize in unmarked bills in a helicopter by 9pm tonight or she will ‘evict the remaining couples permanently from planet earth’,” our source explained.

Police are currently asking Winters over the whereabouts of Millie Court and Liam Reardon who had also betrayed her in the couple compatibility vote and haven’t been seen since yesterday.

“We have spotted a dishevelled looking Teddy crying profusely while digging a large hole in the garden, so hopefully it’s just another chore she gave him to do and not, you know, a mass grave of some sort,” another police man concluded.

When police asked the show’s producers for help in ending the situation peacefully, one producer was heard to say “when has things ending peacefully ever helped increase viewing figures?”