Mother Prouder Of Garden Than Any Of Her Children


STARING out at her manicured and blossoming back garden, one teary-eyed local mother left her three children in no doubt as to what her most precious creation in her life was, WWN can reveal.

“Look at that geranium, last year there wasn’t a peep out of it, but look at it now. Getting all the rewards for persevering,” said Angela Bough, a solitary tear of pride running down her cheek.

Bough’s pride is so immense all guests to the house are now whizzed past the hallway full of family pictures through to the kitchen for a good stare at the back garden.

“Yeah. She’s a doctor, treating kids with cancer or some shite, anyway, wait until you see this azalea I have, just stunning,” shared Bough, dismissing questions from a neighbour about her eldest, Ciara.

Now ushering her son Niall out of the kitchen so her neighbour can get a proper unencumbered view of the garden in all its glory, Bough felt 10 feet tall indulging in all the garden’s extensive achievements such has ‘having grass’.

“Whenever there was any heavy rain, we used to get a bit of flooding at the back but we sorted all that, and just look at her, have you ever seen anything like it?” enthused Bough, smiling the same unbroken smile that had been beaming from her face for the last 15 minutes.

“I’ve pictures on my phone too, you can see what progress she’s made,” Bough said deleting photos of her children to make way for new photos of the garden.

“Alright, I’ll see ya so,” said Bough to her departing neighbour, her gaze never straying from the new water feature installed last week.