“You’ve Put On Weight”: Heartwarming Moment Woman Is Reunited With Her Grandmother


SOME GOOD news we’re all in dire need of given the tough times we’re all living through; there wasn’t a dry eye in the house when cocooning, recently vaccinated, 85-year-old grandmother Patricia Henning was reunited with her granddaughter Jessica Byrne for the first time since the pandemic struck years.

“You’re much bigger than when I saw you last,” confirmed octogenarian Patricia when laying eyes on Jessica (26) who was able to chat to her granny from her front garden, a full 6 months since Jessica returned home to Ireland from Australia where she had been working for 4 years.

“I know the gyms are closed but there’s plenty of ways to get exercise Jess, you won’t able to hide the double chin behind a mask for forever,” added Patricia during emotional scenes that would warm the heart of anyone missing their own friends and relatives.

“I could tell even when you pulled up in the car, tires low on one side,” continued Patricia, happily making up for lost time with her favourite granddaughter.

“Suppose you haven’t given up anything for lent then, no?” the proud granny continued, hardly able to draw breath so excited was she to finally be reunited with her beloved grandchild.

“I said it to your mother and all, I worry about Jess I said, you wouldn’t exactly be attracting a husband y’know, who’ll look after you if you don’t look after yourself as the saying goes,” concluded Patricia, who thanks to the vaccine, has at least another 5-to-10 years of withering and confidence eviscerating put downs of her granddaughter left in her.