Celebrate Your 100th Rent Payment In Style With These Simple Tips!


THERE were times you didn’t think you were going to make it, but you did; you really did! After nearly nine years of hard work and scrimping and saving to match the increase in payments made to ‘stay in line with market pricing’, you’ve finally made your 100th rent payment to your landlord. It’s time to celebrate!

1) Get a gift for your landlord

There’s a reason why you’ve managed to stay in the same house for the last decade, and that’s down to the kindness of your landlord, a man who was willing to let you pay the mortgage on his property, and who only upped the rent by 300 euro a month when you moved your brother into the spare room to help with payments.

Remember, he could have thrown you out at any time, and he still might! So stay on his good side with a little something to say thanks.

2) Don’t throw a party

Parties, pets and young kids; these were all on the ‘do not have’ list for you in 2012, and they’re still frowned upon now! So even though you’ve been living in this house for longer than you lived anywhere else in your life, don’t go thinking you own the place!

Keep everything nice and clean and undamaged, and you never know; you may even get your security deposit back (ha ha, just kidding, that was gone the day after you knocked over a flowerpot at the front of the premises five years ago).

3) Settle in and wait for another centenary

Despite making mortgage-sized payments to live here for nearly ten years, don’t expect any back to be in a rush to give you a mortgage so you can buy a house of your own anytime soon!

No, your best bet is to hope that your landlord doesn’t suddenly have to evict you to accommodate some ‘long lost brother’ who has arrived back from America. That’d be tough, just when your kids were getting used to going to school in the area too! There’s not much you can do to avoid ‘pop evictions’ so just keep on living life in a state of total preparedness for the day you get turfed out, and if by some miracle you make it another 100 rent payments, you might even get the upstairs shower fixed without having to pay for it yourself!