Varadkar Very Happy To Meet Gardaí With Large Team Of Lawyers Advising Him Not To Comment


THE TÁNAISTE has revealed he is incredibly happy to meet members of the Gardaí over the complaint made against him last year surrounding the leaking of a GP contract to a rival organisation, as long as it’s done through his lawyers advising him not to comment to any question they may have.

Surrounded by a vast team of lawyers, legal experts, and political advisers, Mr. Varadkar insisted he had nothing to hide over the leak, assuring investigating Gardaí that they’ve nothing to fear by interrogating him over these claims and is happy to help their investigation.

“The Gardaí are only doing their jobs and career wise have nothing to worry about,” one of several lawyers circling the Tánaiste casually pointed out, “I’m sure any respecting member of the force wishing to move up the ladder will find absolutely nothing criminal in our clients sharing of a legally classified IMO contract to a rival faction of the IMO”.

Practicing his ‘no comment’ response for his future statement to Gardaí, Mr. Varadkar bounced off a range of questions from inquiring press, including “why would you give the president of the National Association of General Practitioners a look at a confidential document?”

“No comment,” Varadkar responded, now looking around at his large team of lawyers to see if he was doing it right and smiling at his newly discovered right to say nothing if he wishes to do so, before then breaking into a rendition of 2 Unlimted’s No Limit, “No no, no no no no, no no no no. No no there’s no comment! Lol!”