Drug Gang Rise To Garda Challenge With Brilliant Jerusalema Dance Off


A LOCAL drug gang has taken some time out of their incredibly busy schedule this week to perform the never-tiresome Jerusalema challenge, in response to An Garda Síochána’s recent video.

Taking place in various deprived areas of Waterford city and county, the criminal organisation posted their rendition of the dance online, keeping in the spirit of the popular craze and vowing to murder anyone who gets in their way.

“Fuckin’ flat out so it was hard gettin’ all the lads in one place at one time, trying to lose surveillance an’ that,” said gang leader Jason Lonergan, “took us ages to get it righ’ and that but once I brought out the stun gun and started punishin’ lads for dancin’ the wrong way they soon copped on”.

Lonergan, who controls most of the southeast’s wholesale supply as an area manager for a Dublin based gang, said the video better put smiles on people’s faces, or else.

“Fuckin’ great year for us even with all the seizures, we’re after makin’ a fortune from people fallin’ off the wagon, so happy to give back to all the dopes who have to go out and work for a livin’ and pay tax an’ that,” the young entrepreneur added, “if I don’t see people smiling at our video there will be consequences – permanent smiles, if ya get me”.

However, a rival gang has also taken up the Jerusalema challenge, brandishing guns and swords, calling out their competition and promising to dance on their heads.

“Ah, it’s only a harmless bit of craic is all,” Lonergan insisted, before setting a contract on everyone in the rival video.