Gardaí Arrest 11 At QAmadán Protest At Four Courts


A GROUP apparently influenced by similar US based groups; 11 people belonging to the QAmadán group were arrested by gardaí outside the Four Courts yesterday, WWN can reveal.

Radicalised online in recent years, it is not clear what followers of QAmadán believe in, only that it poses a great risk to a normal person’s brain cells to even engage with it.

“Covid is a hoax, all part of a plan to keep us from knowing how they get the figs in fig rolls,” screamed one maskless QAmadán follower as he was carted off by police.

Described as the most effective ever advertisement for why education in Ireland is so important, the rabble were questioned by experts in the field of completing coherent sentences.

“It appears from their shouting and jeering they’re angry anyone ever let them get this stupid,” offered one expert, “if they went to court on that basis, Jesus, the state would be liable for billions”.

However despite the disturbance caused by the group outside the Four Courts, a large portion of those arrested were praised for successfully getting dressed all by themselves.

Elsewhere, a man resembling a radioactive plug hole clogged up by a year’s worth a pubic hair and a professional cat lady appeared in court to challenge the fact their challenge to Covid legislation was thrown out of court previously.

Further investigation revealed that QAmadán followers believe:

All Seáns are being systematically replaced.

Riverdance never happened.

Jim Corr is Best Corr.

That Irish politicians, who couldn’t organise a piss up in a shebeen, are capable of perpetrating a global Covid-19 hoax in conjunction with the famously well run HSE.

Waving a tricolour and thinking you’re a patriot isn’t a ‘false flag operation’.

Ray D’Arcy murdered Sockie and RTÉ covered it up.

The Cliffs of Moher are being used to signal to Muslim terrorists approaching from the sea.

Shamrocks are being updated to 5 leaves; proof that 5G is being used to mutate civilisation.

Polish girls working in Spar are poisoning chicken fillet rolls.