Giuliani Given Award For Lifetime Services To Memes


IN A skin crawling ceremony full of cringe inducing idiocy and garbled nonsense, Rudy Giuliani accepted a lifetime achievement award for services to memes at his hospital bedside in the car park of Four Seasons Total Landscaping Memorial Hospital.

“How can we ever thank you,” remarked a group of internet meme page administrators, clad in hazmat suits as they awarded Giuliani with the honour, who had been transferred earlier this morning from the Mayonnaise Clinic in Florida.

At times emotional, the awarding body said they could never repay Giuliani, who’s dye leakage had only increased since his Covid-19 diagnosis, for unintentionally providing countless instances of side splitting laughter and inspiring thousands of memes, which the page admins screenshot and share on their pages, careful to crop out the original source of the joke.

“Rudy married his cousin, had James Woods play him in a movie, constantly speaks like someone on day release, how can any award do him justice?” asked chief copy and paster at FuckJerry.

Giuliani, accepting the award with his hand firmly tucked in his shirt in a way which was not be to interpreted as sexual in any way, said this reminded him of that scene in My Cousin Vinny where Vinny contracts Covid-19 and his hair dye actively tries to escape his hair to avoid the shambling embarrassment he has become.

Despite demanding a recount after receiving his positive Covid diagnosis, Giuliani is now accepting treatment from doctors with many members of the meme loving community wishing him a hilarious, episode strewn recovery.